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Introduction to Hangzhou Yuhang No.2 High School
  Hangzhou Yuhang No.2 High School was established in February 1998, inheriting half of the staff and students of its predecessor, Linping High School, including all the school buildings and facilities. It was relocated in May 2004 to its present address, 1501 Renmin Road,Yuhang District of Hangzhou. In the next year, it was officially recognized as second-class key high schools of Zhejiang Province. In July 2005, it was upgraded to a first-class key high school. In August 2015, it was recognized as a first-class provincial model school with characteristics.
  The school has received numerous honors including Excellent National Educational Research School, Collaborating School of Key Scientific Research Program of the 11th Five-year Plan under the National Teachers’ Scientific Research Fund, Collaborating School of the National Chinese Teachers’ Professional Development Program, Member School for National Adolescent Moral Education, Provincial Green School,  Provincial Hygiene School, Provincial Model School of Laboratory, Provincial Health-promoting School,  Provincial Red-cross model School, Municipal Civilized School, Municipal Model school of Running School by Law, Municipal Model School of Safety and Security, Municipal Excellent School of Moral Education, Municipal Model School of Educational Research, Municipal Beautiful School, Municipal Model School of Smart Education, Elite School of Yuhang District, and Model School of Standardized Management.
   The school is impressive with a pleasant environment and adequate facilities,covering 113,390 square meters, including a building area of 58,800 square meters and a green area of 68,400 square meters. It has an administration building, three classroom buildings,three dormitory buildings, a gymnasium, an art gallery, and a theater.
  The school also boasts first-class equipment for teaching. Recently, new laboratories have been set up for subjects like math, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. Some functional classrooms have been set up for science and technology activities. All the classrooms and those for optional courses are equipped with all-in-one computers and tablets. Since 2016 the whole campus has been covered by Wi-Fi. In 2017 some maker spaces were set up.
  The school employs 191 full-time teachers, of whom six are special-class teachers, 92 are senior teachers, and 84 are first-class teachers. Some of the teachers bear various honorary titles such as Model of Ethics and Promising Young Teacher.
  Over the years, the school has been adhering to its ethos of “loving students and  aiding their development”and fostering the characteristic of “self-education and autonomous learning”. Meanwhile, with its clear vision of “excellence and harmony” it has been striving for the goal of maximizing students’ development at school and  maximizing the realization of students’ potentialities in the future. The school is making every effort to improve its quality and become an elite school.
  Under the guidance of advanced ideas the school is developing at a fast pace. The number of students who went to famous universities rose in succession from 62 in 2011 to 352 in 2018. The college enrollment rate is close to 50%. In 2007 Hui Jian won first prize in the 24th National Biology Contest for High School Students. In 2008 Jin Rui won first prize in the 22nd National Chemistry Contest for High School Students. In 2013 Chen Yu won  a regional second prize in the Sixth Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Contest. In the field of physical and art education, teams from the school have won many medals in various championships like basketball and aerobics at district and municipal levels.Wang Xiyu, the student from Class 5 Grade 3 enrolled in 2016, won the title of ITF The Junior Championships, Wimbledon and US Open Junior Tennis Championships(GA) in succession in 2018, making a new history of women’s tennis in China.
  In the field of students’ societies, students from the school also do well in all kinds of contests like painting, calligraphy, seal cutting and drama performances.The drama club has won first prizes in several district and municipal contests. The play Teaching in Taijiang won second prize at the Second Provincial Art Festival for Students in 2017.
  The Current Principal is Mr. Zhang Yu and the current party secretary is Mr. Su Shoukang.
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